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About Peng Ming (Xiang)
It is located in one well equipped industrial estate and we are specialized in designing for Die Casting Molds with powerful and professional R & D department.

What does Peng Ming (Xiang) mainly do?
.We manufacture different kind of die-casting parts in Aluminum Alloy, and Zinc
     Alloy, etc.
.We manufacture various parts good for monitor systems, automotive vehicles,
     and 3C peripheral.
.All kinds of motor parts.
.We do the OEM service for our valuable customers.

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Why is Peng Ming (Xiang) capable to serve you better?
.We have Various types different die casting machines - 800T,500T,350T, 250T, 150T, 125T,50T
.We have die casting machines, sand blast machines, polishing machines, lathe machines, drilling machines, mill machines and the
     equipments for inspection.

What can you get from Peng Ming (Xiang)?

.Cordially Service Attitude
.High Volume Capacity
.Excellent Quality
.Prompt Delivery Date
.Competitive Price
.One of the most trustworthy suppliers that you might ever have
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ISO Certification through the
With the sincerity and inspiration,Peng Ming Enterprise CO., LTD.(Xiang)
Will always upgrade themselves to be the strongest support and meet all customers' needs.
No.11, Alley 15, Lane 65, Dinghu 2nd St., Guishan Dist., Taoyuan City 333, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
TEL:886-3-3277676   Taiwan Die Casting